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Dental Kiddie College  At New Image Dental

Come Learn To Be A Dentist

Bring in your Pr-K or Kindergarten class for a one of a kind experience

I Can Be A Dentist

Is a a fun 2 1/2 hr class and tour in an actual dental office. The Class is  geared towards learning the art of Dentistry. With and added possibility of sparking an early interested in the field of dentistry while removing the fears associated with dental visits. We want to making the dental office a fun and exciting place to be for kids of all ages.

Cost $10 per student snack included

Program Activities include

  • Name tags/smocks, and protective eye wear
  • Meet the Dentist and learn how it all work
  • Office Tour
  • Tooth Fairy Barb Video
  • Meet the real tooth Fairy Barb and Mr Happy Tooth
  • Learn about teeth and how they work
  • In class hands on dental training with Dr Drill and Fill
  • Watch the Dentist perform and actual procedure on a real patient
  • Fun Craft
  • Dental Video
  • Free Happy Visit with Tooth Fairy Barb ( With Consent form)

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